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    In one of Edmonton’s oldest school buildings, located just off Jasper Avenue and 118th Street, only a short distance from the river valley and downtown, a very exciting cohabitation can be found.  In Oliver School, the stately, three storey, red brick school built in 1910, three widely diverse and remarkable programs live and work—the Oliver Elementary Program, the Nellie McClung Girls’ Junior High Program, and the Oliver Centre: Early Learning Programs for Children & Families.   Together, these three programs represent the wide range of opportunities, choices and voices that Edmontonians and Canadians so proudly endorse and encourage.  Our society values its diversity; its welcoming of all things—its mosaic—and Oliver School is a microcosm of this very Canadian character.

    Oliver School was built in 1910 and officially opened in March of 1911.  The solid brick school was viewed as quite a modern wonder with classrooms that could accommodate fifty students.  It had electric lights, indoor toilets, a miniature rifle range and a heating/ventilation system that was truly unique for its time.  The total cost of construction was $100,000 which was a considerable amount of money in 1910.  The west annex was built in 1928 to accommodate the growing population, and the gym added in 1958.   Oliver currently has the proud status of being a Heritage B site of which we are very proud.

    Oliver School has been the center of the Oliver Community for more than one hundred and 10 years and many, many children and staff have passed through its doors over this great span of time.  The history of the school is rich and diverse and the building has seen many changes over the century, the most significant being a 3.5 million dollar upgrade in 1999-2000.   As well as providing school programming, the building has served the community over the years for political functions, church meetings, air raid preparations, community gatherings and even as a hospital during the 1918 flu epidemic.  The school gymnasium is still available through the joint use agreement with the city for groups to use for sports activities and meetings.

    Oliver School serves students from kindergarten through grade six in the Oliver Regular Elementary Program, French Immersion program for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and the Nellie McClung Girls’ Junior High Program provides programming for girls in grades seven, eight and nine. It is our hope that you will find our website both user friendly, informative and enjoyable, whether you are part of our elementary program or our unique Junior High. Should you have any questions regarding our policies or practices, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or the school administration. 

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ALERT: Instruction moves to distance and online learning.

School phone lines and emails remain open for communication with families.


New Registrations 2020-2021

Oliver School is accepting digital registrations for the 2020-2021 school year. 

If you are new to the district, and would like to register, please go to the "For Parents" tab and click on the "Registration tab for instructions.  


Oliver Staff Message

Welcome/Tatawaw/ Bonjour to our Oliver School family!  Students, parents and caregivers, family, staff and community members are all important and valued participants in our world of learning.  You all matter a great deal to our Oliver family.  Welcome to a year of opportunity, growth, greatness, success and of course, learning!

 Learning is our priority at Oliver School and learning will take place in many ways.  Literacy and numeracy skills are vital and will be part of learning in every subject.  The characteristics of kindness, caring, respect, inclusiveness and responsibility are only a few of those attributes that will also be a part of every class and every subject.  Oliver School is a safe place where students are encouraged and supported in their drive to reach their greatest potential.  Every adult is responsible for every child in the building and we will work as a team to do what is best for all of the children in our care. 

 What can you do as a student to make your school year the best ever?  Be kind! Care! Look after each other every day! And most of all, come to school each and every day prepared to learn.  There are so many things in our great big world to enquire about and engage in.  Be passionate! Ask questions! Research!  Collaborate!  Take risks and challenge yourself!  Push yourself to achieve those learning goals. This is your time to be great and be someone who makes a difference in our world.

 Oliver staff are always open to great conversation and engaging questions from those adults who care for our students outside of the school day.  Please feel free to contact us when the need arises.  You are your child’s advocate.  You are important and your input matters.  Your children are the greatest asset in this world and their success depends on all of our support.

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