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Nellie McClung Girls' JH Program and French Immersion Kindergarten Program

Nellie McClung Junior High Program

Inspiring young women in lifelong learning and leadership

The Nellie McClung program has been educating and empowering young women since 1995. The program about more than academic excellence – we believe that as a Nellie McClung student, you must discover your own path to becoming a successful, healthy, and contributing member of society. Our program encourages success by focusing on:

 Academic excellence

  • Communication skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Lifelong learning

 Independence and initiative

  • High expectations for self
  • Confidence and creativity
  • Healthy and active living
  • Aesthetic and cultural appreciation

 Leadership and teamwork

  • Building relationships
  • Responsible citizenship
  • Service to others

The Nellie McClung Difference

At Nellie McClung, academic and personal achievement is our highest priority. We focus on empowering girls to achieve to their highest potential.

The Nellie McClung program explores:

1. Building Positive Relationship

2. Engaging in Active/Healthy Living

3. Making a Difference

4. Looking Towards the Future

5. Discovering Hidden Talents

These themes are intended to help Nellie McClung students explore what it means to be female by exploring educational experiences, reinforcement through positive female role models, connections to real-world and leadership opportunities, and discussions that evoke personal reflection and commitment. Each theme will be explored through guest speakers, whole school projects, local and overnight field trips, leadership initiatives, fine arts, volunteerism, and relevant issues affecting females. Through this model students can develop a greater sense of their female identity, and of being empowered as independent decision-makers, in their journey towards maturity.

 Nellie McClung prepares students to become the leaders of tomorrow—to take initiative, become self-reliant and grow towards healthy independence.

 Curriculum Enrichment and Extension Days (CEEDs)

CEEDs activities help you to make meaningful connections between the world of school and the outside world that awaits you. You’ll discover new ways to think about and build upon your learning experiences. CEEDs activities also include unique experiences like trips to the Bamfield Marine Research Station on Vancouver Island and to Kananaskis Country. Learning has never been so authentic and engaging!

Nellie McClung is an alternative program offered by Edmonton Public Schools, so there are no tuition fees. However, there are costs associated with our CEEDs activities. Our program sites can provide you with more information about these costs.


Wearing the Nellie McClung uniform signifies that you’re a part of a sisterhood/partnership of girls who share a passion for learning and the desire to make a difference in the world. The uniform levels the playing field for students who are able to discover their individuality in an authentic way. Individuals are defined by their actions, how they treat others, goals, beliefs and values—not by what they wear. Less peer pressure and competition allows students to flourish by gaining confidence and acceptance for who they truly are.

Nellie L. McClung Educational Society Scholarship

Each year, six scholarships in the amount of $500 are awarded to graduates of the Nellie McClung program in their Grade 9 year. These funds are to be used towards the continuation of studies at a post secondary institution.

Working together

We believe that you learn best when you have the support of staff, parents, community, business and learning institutions. We welcome and encourage your parents to be active supporters and participants in your educational experiences at Nellie McClung. You will also have the opportunity to learn from role models in the surrounding community, to enrich and extend your education.

For more information about the Nellie L. McClung Program, please visit:



French Immersion Kindergarten Program

January 18, 2018

Edmonton Public Schools is offering French Immersion programming at Oliver School starting in September 2018.

The program will be offered if:

  • enough students enrol in the spring

  • the same number of students, or more, attend the program in the fall


The French Immersion program will only be available to Kindergarten and Grade 1 students for the 2018-19 school year. The program will expand to include subsequent grades in later years. More grades will be added as long as there is sufficient demand.


The deadline to register is April 16, 2018.

Families who haven’t registered their child: Complete a Student Registration form and submit it to Oliver School. If you’re having trouble accessing the form online, you can also pick up a paper registration from any District School.

Families who have registered their child elsewhere: If you’ve registered your child in Kindergarten and would like to switch to the French Immersion Program at Oliver School, you’ll need to get your registration form from the other school and bring it to Oliver School.

Learn more about what you need to register your child for school.


If there are not enough students registered by April 16 to make the program viable or if the numbers of students attending in the fall is too low, the program will not be offered for the 2018-19 school year.

If the program does not proceed, the school will notify families that have registered and help them register their child at another District school.


Learn more about:

French Immersion programming

Student registration

Oliver School